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Get started with Silverbucket only with four quick steps!

1. Add people and projects

In order to start making allocations, you need to have people and projects in Silverbucket. If there aren't any, you need to add at least few persons and projects. It is very easy and simple, just click the People or Projects on the top navigation bar. Then click the add action (Add a person/project) and with only few necessary text fields you can quickly add new objects.

2. Create a project team and start making resource allocations

Find your project either from the project listing (Project > Listing) or use the search function in the top navigation bar. Then start adding right people (or unnamed roles) to your project from the "Add to a Project" action.

After you have added people or unnamed roles to your project, you can start making allocations for them. Check the resource allocation time mode and allocation mode from the right upper corner of the resource grid. Choose either months, weeks or days and percentages, hours, workdays or FTE. To make allocations, click the grid icon, which will open a resourcing grid. You can make an allocation by using highlight actions on the grid. Remember to save the changes!

3. Make resource allocations for unnamed roles

If you don't know yet who will execute the planned work, you can make an allocation for an unnamed role which later on will be named. In order to do that, you need to have already some roles in the system. In case you don't have, you can create them in the admin page. Click the Ellipsis icon (right corner on the top navigation bar) and then choose "admin". Go to the "roles" tab and start creating roles.

4. Find a free resource and 'get the big picture'

Best way to look for a free resource is the People Overview page which is found from People > Allocations. The graph shows you the capacity of the chosen filter group and below it is a list of the chosen group of people. The view offers two kinds of pieces of information: what is the total allocation situation in the organisation and what are the workloads of the people on an individual level.

Watch Silverbucket Quickstart Quide as a video

+ Want to learn more?

If you want to learn more, go to our full version manual. If you have questions, please contact first your organisation's Silverbucket main user or in case of a technical problem, please contact our support team (

If you are new with Silverbucket and testing it for the first time, our sales team is here to help you to get the best experience of Silverbucket. If you have questions or want a demo, please contact our sales: or tel. +358 40 680 6860.