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Regarding resource allocations, the main views are People, Projects and Person’s dashboard which are found from the navigation bar. The Silverbucket logo and person icon direct to the Person’s dashboard. To grasp the main navigation flow regarding resourcing, we will present the main views. 

Additional tip: in Silverbucket the user can personalize his own view by showing / hiding the different sections of the page (tabs). The system also remembers your filter options if you navigate to other pages. 

Navigation bar

Here are few things about the navigation bar. On the right side of the navigation bar, there are five different features that you should be aware of.

  • You can search people, projects or programs
  • You can change personal settings from the cogwheel icon. It is possible to for example choose the size of the allocation boxes in the user interface, and you can put on or off the 'scaling' feature which scales the allocations by the probabilities given to projects.
  • This manual is found from the document icon
  • Notifications can be viewed by clicking the number of unread notifications
  • Behind the ellipses icon you can find few handy general features: changing password, logging out, changing language and admin settings

Check video: How to navigate 

People views 

People views enable you to see overview of people metadata and allocations. You can sort the information through various filters, such as person, person type, project, project type and competency filters. There are two views, Listing and Allocations. These views serve different kinds of outlooks to the data from the people point of view. People Listing view gathers an overview of people metadata including name, default role, supervisor, organization, etc. People Allocations view shows an overview of allocations grouped by people or unassigned project role.

People view filters. Filter the people listing or overall resource allocation data with various filters.

People > Listing

People > Listing serves you overall people information and lists the people that fit in the filters. This view is useful for browsing through different people lists and checking multiple data fields on one view. 

List of people and their metadata in People > Listing. The list consists of all the people who fit to the search criteria.

Check video: People overview 

People > Allocations

People > Allocations serves you overall people resource allocation information and lists people with their project level resource allocations. The list shows the person’s total sum of his/her resource allocations and it is easy to spot who has optimum, over or underload situations (traffic light colours). In this view it is possible to update person’s resource allocations on a specific project.

Allocations main graph. Shows overview to the resourcing situation based on the filtrations.

List of people and their allocations in People > Allocations. The list consists of all the people who fit to the search criteria. You can see the people and their resource allocations on a project level.

In People > Allocations you can also make resource allocations to a person to a specific project by clicking the grid icon. Read more about resource allocation actions from Resourcing features.

Projects views

Projects views enable you to see all the projects in a list and in a graph. You can filter the data according to your needs. You can sort the information through various filters, such as project types, project categories and project managers. There are two pages, Listing and Allocations, that serve different kinds of outlooks to the resource allocations from the project point of view.

Projects main graph. You can view the graph through few different grouping types: by projects, by customers, by organization nodes and by categories.

Project report filters. Filter the overall resource allocation data with various filters.

Projects > Listing

Projects > Listing serves you a portfolio view and lists the projects that fit with the filtering criterias. There are list from 4 different point of views: basic info, project numbers, risks and risk history.

Project listing view. You can view easily the project data of certain programs or categories of your search choice, and if needed also export the list and data to excel spreadsheets.

Projects > Allocations

Projects > Allocations serves you a list of projects that fit with the filtering criteria's, and their project teams with resource needs and allocations. You are also able to update the resource allocations.

List of projects and their project teams and allocations in Project > Allocations. The list sorts projects according to your filtrations. You can see project members and role needs for the specific project. You can also make allocations in this view and add multiple people to the project at the same time.

Person’s Dashboard

Person’s dashboard shows users’ basic information, their user groups, their competencies, their projects and roles and allocations in them. You can edit these parts as well in the person’s dashboard.