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How to create a project team

For creating the project team, there are few different options. If you are at the 'Project's dashboard' page, continue to the actions and click “add to a project”. Choose the users and roles that you want to add to the project and save the choice by clicking “add”. Check also video: How to add resources to a project.

If you are at Projects > Listing page or Projects > Allocation page, click “add to a project” from the actions and choose the users and the project and finish the action by clicking “add”. If you have prechosen some users (by ticking boxes in front of the users), remember to click “use preselected users” so the system will update the option.

If you are at People > Listing page or People > Allocations page, you can add people to a projects by the same action as mentioned above.

After adding roles and/or users to the project, you are able to make resource allocations for them.

How to find an available resource

From People > Allocations view where you can find  available resources to a project. You may see person's overall workload and  from which projects does the workload come from.

One can use different search criteria to find an available resource, such as organisation node, user group, role or utilization rate. There are also a skill filter which can be used when finding suitable person. 

Based on your search choices, all the suitable people are shown and listed with their allocation loads. There are different colours that indicate whether the person has time to do more or if the person is overloaded. Green colour indicates that the allocation situation for that person is quite optimal. Red colour indicates an overload situation.

Check video: How to find people or projects 

How to make resource allocations to a role or to a person

There are two features for making resource allocations which are available in People > Allocations and Projects > Allocations, Person’s dashboard and Project's dasboard.

Resourcing feature part 1. Whenever you see the the grid icon, you are able to make resource allocation changes. By clicking the grid icon, you are able to do various resourcing actions and also the a grid and action bar opens. You are free to make any allocation changes on the grid (by painting) and save the change. If you want to do another action, paint the grid and click “action menu” and choose the right command. By clicking the pen icon you are able to give an hourly rate, an hour budget and skills to the chosen role in a project. 

White colour is free capacity for the selected user. Colar pink indicates that person has some other work in other projects. Blue is workload for this specific project. 

Resourcing feature part 2. Another way to make a resource allocation change to a person or a role in a project, is to click the resourcing slots. A popup window named “quick edit allocations” will appear and you can choose the new allocation load level. Note that you are able to choose multiple squares and give one new allocation load level to the chosen squares. 

Check video: How to make resource allocations 

How to create roles that can be used as unassigned role reservations in projects

In order to add roles (not persons) to a project, you need to first add some roles to the system. It requires admin rights. If you have them, then continue to the admin page and click "roles" tab. There you can manage and add new roles. If you don't have a right to add them, contact your organization's Silverbucket main user. 

Check video: How to add roles in admin page