New features

  • Single Sign On upgrade
  • Sorting of projects in Budget tracking by projects report
  • Selecting time range in Budget tracking by projects report
  • Projects-Allocations Excel export with allocation slots
  • New search criteria Only people

Minor changes and bug fixes

  • Enabled possibility to allocate work on holidays in day mode when using relative resourcing
  • Fixed unnamed allocations calculation on main graph. Unnamed allocations were listed on multiple categories causing too high total allocation data.
  • Fixed personal absence calculation. Absences were not subtracted from the weekly capacity.
  • Fixed weekly mode resourcing when user has absences. Allocations were added also on absence days, not only working days as it should do.
  • Hour sheet header row (adding new project/task) floats in the top of the screen when scrolling long hour sheet.
  • Removed possibility to add hours on disabled tasks.
  • Moving allocations from a role to another now moves also note, organisation node, hourly rate and hour budget.
  • Fixed NL calendar holidays
  • Norwegian calendar added
  • Program lead selection showed only persons with the status Program lead. Changed to include all users.
  • Project currency can now be changed without conversions

Single Sign On upgrade

Single Sign On (SSO) has been upgraded to use new libraries. It is now possible to use more combinations of SSO techniques.

Sorting of projects in Budget tracking by projects report

It is now possible to sort projects on Budget tracking by projects report. Every project has three rows on the report: Income budget, Allocations and Realizations. These rows have Total column. Totals are summed up and then sorted so that the largest sum of totals is listed first when selecting Order result from highest overall budget to lowest.

Selecting time range in Budget tracking by projects report

Budget tracking by projects report now has possibility to select time range from where the report is generated. Two new selections were added to Search criteria: Filter with a start date and Filter with an end date.

Projects-Allocations Excel export with allocation slots

Excel export on page Projects-Allocations now exports also allocation data.

New search criteria Only people

On People-Listing page it is now possible to filter out all unnamed role allocations with the search criteria Person type filter - Only people. When this is selected only reservations made for persons are shown.


New features

  • Support for multiple currencies
  • Support for multiple calendars with localised holidays
  • Possibility to bookmark views with specific state and share links between users
  • Updated administration module

Minor changes and bug fixes

  • Editing user's role in project on person's dashboard did not update user interface to reflect changes
  • Clarification on person's organisation in project role, organisation for persons is by default the persons own organisation
  • Added check for filling empty hour budget for project on Project numbers table

Support for multiple currencies

It is now possible to add multiple currencies to Silverbucket. There is a default currency for persons, projects and environment. Reports are shown in environment's default currency and other currencies are converted to the default currency using exchange rates which can be given in the Silverbucket.

Support for multiple calenders

Silverbucket environment can now have multiple calenders with localised holidays. Calendar can be selected per person and person's capacity is calculated using the selected calendar.

Possibility to bookmark views and share links

All the views in Silverbucket with search function now has a link labeled Copy permanent link to clipboard. Choosing this link the specific URL of the view and it's state is shown in browsers address field and the link of the view is copied to the computers clipboard from where it can be pasted to some other location, for example to email. When the URL with all the settings is visible it is possible to make a bookmark to this view so that for example it is easy to access the same report later with the same settings.

Updated administration module

In the updated Silverbucket user interface administrators can now access updated administration module. This module includes some new views for the administrator for example to manage project categories and portfolios.


New features

  • Allocation accuracy by projects report and Excel export
  • New time sheet
  • API for time sheet data

Minor changes and bug fixes

  • Added tooltip to Progress graph on Project's dashboard
  • Localisation fixes
  • Resourcing log report informs user if there is no results with selected filters
  • Project mass edit automatically refreshes project listing
  • Fixed skill saving on project role
  • Fixed a situation where user could trigger multiple simultaneous saving operations causing error messages
  • Notifications obey user settings
  • Possibility to disable person in project and keep past reservations
  • Possibility to hide empty rows in Budget tracking by Projects report
  • Project role skill list sorted so that selected skills are listed first

Allocation accuracy by projects

Allocation accuracy report can now be grouped by projects and it is now possible to export reported data to Excel.

New time sheet

Time sheet functionality has been updated to support Silverbucket's new user interface and many new feature improvements have been introduced. Improvements include for example: quick edit and possibility to manage time sheets of other users.

API for time sheet data

Introduced a new API for managing time sheet data from other systems.


New features

  • Allocation accuracy report
  • Utilization report
  • Company Flexible working time accounts balance report
  • Project's forecast report
  • Project change log report
  • Timeline
  • Personal settings: Scaling with probability, Amount of slots
  • User defined project categories
  • People view resourcing data and project view data export to Excel
  • Project Hours, Expenses and Income live tracking

Minor changes and bug fixes

  • Excel export includes project risks
  • Fixed adding user to user group from administration view
  • Performance improvements to capacity calculation
  • Added cost budget to portfolio view
  • Fixed year presentation when the first day of the year is not on week one
  • Added password reset link to Change password dialog
  • Added dialog to map hour reports from multiple external project to one Silverbucket project
  • Added notification of projects in planning stage to persons dashboard

Allocation accuracy report

With this report user can analyze how well resourcing has matched actual work done (reported hours). It is possible to view allocation accuracy by organization nodes or by persons.

Utilization report

Utilization Rates report lists persons utilization and calculation criteria can be selected from multiple selections and viewpoints.

Company Flexible Working Time Accounts Balance report

This report lists all persons flextime account balance.

Project's forecast report

With this report user can view project's hour, cost and revenue data listed by persons working on a project.

Project change log report

Resourcing log report shows changes in project's allocations.


Timeline can be found on Project Portfolio page (from the menu Projects->Listing) and it shows a high level view of the listed projects schedule.

Personal settings: Scaling with probability, Amount of slots

New settings dialog can be accessed with an icon from the navigation bar or from the keyboard shortcut SC. This settings dialog has two settings which user can change: Scale allocations with probability and Size of resourcing slots. Scaling affects resourcing views so that the allocated time is scaled with the probability of the project. Size of resourcing slots affects the size of the rectangles which show the allocated time.

User defined project categories

It is now possible to give own categories to projects and use this data to filter projects in different views.

People view resourcing data and project view data export to Excel

When listing projects or people it is possible to export view data to Excel format.

Project Hours, Expenses and Income live tracking

On project dashboard one can found Progress Numbers which lists different key numbers of the project's progress.