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When you enter the Timesheet view, it shows automatically your personal time tracking board. If you click the "Show person selection" in the right top corner, you should see your name in the search field. 

How to make hour tracking

The system will remember your current projects/tasks that you have chosen for hour tracking. In order to make your first record, you need to choose first a project and then a task (either general or a specific task). You will only see the projects where you have been added as a resource. Then give the amount of work hours on the chosen day. And hit enter. Voilà! You have made your first record and the specific project/task is listed to your favorites. If you have chosen Save hours automatically the system will save your hours automatically. 

You can continue making hour tracking as instructed above or you can select other tasks to your "current favorites". Go to "Select tasks to timesheet" on the right top corner and choose tasks that you want to see directly on your timesheet page. 

When you have one or few favorites, you can directly make hour tracking for the tasks. You can also quick edit more than one value at once. Click one or few tasks on certain days (click the grey area of the edit boxes) which will open a window on the bottom of the page (quick edit the selected timesheet records). You can either choose a default value or write your own value and then remember to save your option.

Removing a project and a task from the Timesheet page

If you are done with some project and task and you don't want to see it on your Timesheet page, you can remove it by clicking the little cross in front of the task. If you have done hour tracking to that project and task on the current week, the task will be gone on the upcoming week. If you haven't done hour tracking on the current week, the task will be removed right away.

Make a comment to your hour record

If you wish to make a comment to your hour record, click on the day of the hour record. 

You will get a text box where you can add your comment regarding the records of the chosen day. Remember to save after editing.

If you want to change the day, you can either use the calendar or move with the arrows (near the calendar).

To go back to the week mode, click again the day.

Updating and making hour tracking for others

If you have the right user rights, you can edit other people's hour records if needed. In order to edit someone's realized hours, find the person from the search field of the Timesheet (Show person selection). When you click the person's name in the search list, you will get to the person's timesheet page. Now you are free to edit her hour records. If you need to edit someone else's realized hours, you just change the person from person selection. 

To get to back to your own timesheet page, open the search field and remove the selected person by clicking its name. You will be directed to your timesheet page.

Check video: Hour tracking in Silverbucket (Timesheet)