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How to get to your Silverbucket environment
Every customer has its unique Silverbucket URL and without that it is not possible login to your Silverbucket account. If you don’t the URL, please contact either your organization’s Silverbucket main user or your superior. They will provide you the right URL and login guidance. The URL is usually in the form of
If still no success in finding out the right URL, you can contact our support (

How to reset your password

To reset your password follow these steps

  1.  Click the Reset your password link on the Login screen
  2. Fill in your email to the field labeled Type your email and click the Reset password button
  3. After a short while you should recieve an email with instructions on how to set your new password

If you didn’t get an email to your inbox, check your spam email folder. If you still can’t see an email from Silverbucket, please contact our support (

Login screen

Reset your password screen

You can’t sign in to your Silverbucket environment

There can be few reasons for that. You should contact your organization’s Silverbucket main user and check from him/her that (1) you have been added to the environment, (2) you have a username and email address in the system or (3) that there isn’t any incorrect employment duration in your user info.
If still no success in finding out why you can’t sign in to the environment, you can contact our support (

A colleague can’t sign in to Silverbucket

First, make sure your colleague has the right URL of your Silverbucket environment. Second, make sure s/he has been added to the Silverbucket environment and that s/he has a username and a correct email address in the system. When signing in the first time, one needs to get a password through a reset link. The instructions for that are above. If still your colleagues can’t login, please contact our support (