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Project's Dashboard view gathers all the information from one project to a single view. Project's Dashboard contains the following sub sections:


Actions section on Project's Dashboard contains two categories of actions, one for managing the project's allocation data and one for managing the current project.

Project Actions

Actions for managing the Project contains: Milestones, Project's tasks, Hour lock, Price models, Copy project, Merge to another project and Project mapping.

Allocation Actions

Actions for managing the Allocations contains: Add to a project, Edit project roles, Shift allocations and Project's allocation notes.

Add to a project

Persons's and unassigned roles can be added to a project as an allocatable resources with the action Add to a project. When the Add to a project link is selected a dialog Add to a project is shown. Dialog has two selections: User and Role. Multiple users can be added to a project with the same role in one action. If no role is selected the user's Default Role is used. If no user is selected then the selected role is added as an Unassigned role to a project. When a user is selected the Add to a project dialog show person's roles in the current project.

Figure: Add to a project dialog

Project's Allocations

At the bottom of the Project's Dashboard is the Project's Allocations view. From this view it is possible to modify project's allocations. There is two possible ways to make allocations:

  • Painting with the mouse on the allocation grid
  • Selecting allocation slots and quick modifying

Allocation view also holds additional functions to modify project members and their detailed information.

Figure: Project's Allocations

Project Member Details dialog

Project Member Details dialog allows user to modify details of one specific project member. Project member can be a person or unassigned role. The dialog can be accessed from the Project memberships list by moving mouse cursor over Project member and clicking the pen icon. Project Member Details include following metadata for Project member:

  • Role
  • Status: Active or Passive
  • Internal / External
  • Role hourly rate in project's currency
  • Hourly rate efficiency multiplier
  • Role hour budget
  • Role organisation
  • Free text note

Figure: Project Member Details dialog

Classic Resourcing View

Classic Resourcing View is always open on the Poject's Dashboard (this can be changed from the Personal Configurations). When using the Classic Resourcing View allocations are always done by painting the allocation on the resourcing grid. The person or the role to allocate can be selected from the Change Resource drop down menu above the Resourcing Grid.

Figure: Classic Resourcing View

Note: Classic Resourcing View is on by default for the new users of the Silverbucket. If the Classic Resourcing View is not present in the Project's Dashboard it can be activated from the Personal Configurations under User interface settings. The setting Always show the allocation grid on project dashboard controls the visibility of the Classic Resourcing View.