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Have you added all holidays as projects to Silverbucket and want to export the data from the system? There are two simple ways to export the holiday lists. The user can choose which one is suitable for the occasion.

1st: Export of a specific holiday project 

If there are different holiday projects and some people want to export singly the projects then this option might be most useful. Just go to the Projects>Allocations page and click open the search criteria especially the common filters. 

Then start typing the name of the holiday project to the "free text search" and click update search. Now you should have a list of people and their holiday allocations regarding the holiday project you have chosen for the filtration. From the Excel icon you can export the data. 

2st: Export of holiday allocations in general

If you just want all the absences listed in general, then a good choice would be the People Allocations view. Click open the search criteria and adjust your project type filters according to the picture below (choose absences, invoiceable, non-invoiceable and active for the filtration). If you already click update search, you will get the holiday list of your whole organization. So it might be useful to make few other search choices as well. You can use here the person filters, especially organization node or supervisor. After updating the search, you can export the data through the Excel icon.