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Competency management in Silverbucket has two main purposes:

  • Adding competencies to persons and competency requirements to unassigned roles
  • Finding the talent with matching competencies

Other main features include filtering persons with competencies, adding comptencies to categories, creating hierarchy from categories and defining the level of competency when adding competencies to a person. Silverbucket administrators can add and rename competency levels.

Figure: Person's Competencies

Managing person's competencies

Person's competencies can be managed on Person's dashboard. At the bottom of the dashboard is a section called Competencies (see Figure: Person's Competencies).

Adding competencies to a person

Competencies are added to a person by selecting the matching competency level for the competency. Default competency levels are: Basic, Novice, Intermediate, Advanced and Expert. Silverbucket administrators can define comptency levels through the administration view.

Quick edit all competencies link opens the Edit all competencies dialog. From this dialog it is possible to manage all the competencies for the person in the current category with one operation.

Figure: Edit all competencies

Navigating competency hierarchy

Competency hiearchy can be navigated with the arrows in the front of the category name. By clicking the arrow category's competencies and sub categories are shown or hidden. Competencies and categories can be filtered with Free text search field.

Show only evaluated competencies / Show all competencies link shows or hides competencies which are not evaluated for the person in question.

Managing unassigned role's competency requirements

It is possible to add competency requirements to unassigned roles. Competency requirements can be managed in the Project Member Details dialog at the Competency requirements tab. Unassigned role's competencies are expressed in a form of a person competency filter. This information can be used to find a person to the unassigned role based on role competency requirements and matching them to person's competencies.

Figure: Managing unassigned role's competency requirements

Adding competencies to unassigned role

Adding competencies to unassigned role consist three steps:

  1. Select competencies
  2. Set minimum competency levels
  3. Choose person filter type and save changes

Filtering and selecing competencies

When adding competencied to unassigned role the competencies are listed as a tag cloud in the Competency requirements dialog. Comptency tags can be filtered with selecting the category and/or using the Free text filter. When the correct competency tag is visible in the tag cloud it can be selected for the unassigned role by clicking the tag.

Selected competencies can be removed with the trashcan icon.

Setting the competency level

For the selected competencies it is possible to set the minimum competency level required for working in this role. When finding a person to fill in the unassigned role only those persons are suggested whom has the same or greater level of expertise in the comptency. If no level is set then whom ever has the desired comptency is able to work in this role.

Choosing the person filter type

Person filter type can be either Users with some of the competencies or Users with all of the competencies. If the first is selected then all persons whom has any of the competencies selected for the unassigned role can fill in this role. Using the other filter type only those persons are suggested whom has all of the competencies selected for the unassigned role.

Filtering persons with competencies

On People Listing and Allocations main reports it is possible to filter persons with competencies. Filtering is divided to basic and advanced modes.

Figure: Filtering persons with competencies

Basic competency filters

Filtering persons with basic competency filters is done by selecting desired competencies from the comptency tag cloud. Tag cloud can be filtered with Free text filtering and the tag cloud will show only those competencies which mach with the Free text filter.

After selecting the competency tags the person filter type can be choosed. Check Choosing the person filter type in the previous section to learn more about the differences between these filter types.

Competency filters are applied to the report when the Updare report button is pressed. Report shows only those persons which have the selected competencies.

Advanced competency filters

By clicking the Open advanced mode the Filter people with competencies dialog is shown. This function works the same way as the unassigned role competency management. For more information see the Adding comeptencies to unassigned role from above.

Check video: Competence management