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September - 2019

Planned features

  • Whole new view on competency analysis
  • Person filtering on project allocations
  • Deleting programs is now allowed
  • Improved project mapping functionality

August - 2019

New features

  • Budget deviation
  • New mode for project numbers table
  • Improvements on open API

Budget deviation

Project listing can be sorted with a new number indicating the difference with budgeted hours and total of actual and allocated hours.

Project number

Table showing project's numeric values is now also available in day level alongside with the original hours based view.

June - 2019

New features

  • Progress numbers table for Program level. Similar to project dashboard but aggregated for program.
  • API Token management to system admin
  • First version of an open customer friendly rest API
  • "Hour budget" number generated based on allocations to the timesheet view
  • Improved global search

Timesheet view

Timesheet view has been improved with a number comparing realizations and allocations on a project level.

Global search 

Archived and inactive instances are shown within the global search. They are sorted to the bottom of the lists to prioritize active instances. Inactive ones can still be found with specific search.

May - 2019

There has been less visible changes in April and May. We still have not been idling and we have done structural renovations. This allows us to implement some more interesting things in the future.

New features

  • New meta fields for user.
  • SSO library upgrade that allows easier configurations in future.

April - 2019

New features

  • Hard delete for projects and people
  • Showing the detailed value of rounded values on hover
  • Improved integration options

Hard delete

After all, sometimes you might actually need to delete a project or a person instead of just archiving. Now it is possible from the dashboards themselves. Still not by accident, you'll need to click couple of buttons to be sure.

March - 2019

New features

  • Functionality to fulfill unassigned roles based on competency requirements
  • Free capacity indicator on allocation grid
  • Store your own custom filter sets
  • Smaller usability tuning on resourcing requests
  • Projectrole's progress graph is getting slight facelift

Stored filter sets

Filter sets can be stored for easier use. It is now possible to set application wide public filter sets and your own private filter sets.

Free capacity indicator
There is now a red area on allocation grid that indicates the overload area. White area is the free capacity for the selected user.

On top here we are seeing the allocations (95%) made for this project, also visible with traditional blue area.

On bottom are the total allocations over all projects for this user. (100%, 5%, 95%)

Projectrole's progress numbers

These numbers are now unified with project's progress numbers.

February - 2019

New features

  • Simplified layout for dashboards (user, project, program and customer)
  • Usability improvements for competencies
  • Improvements in integration variety
  • Configuring personal preferences on different views made easier to understand
  • Project progress graph is getting slight facelift
  • Significant performance improvements on project dashboard
  • More verbal way of configuring visible areas of the UI
  • Separating Project manager from other user types on people list
  • Improved flow when tentative bookings are used along requests

Simplified layout for dashboards

Dashboards are now similar to each other and more built together.

All information is now tied together to their own columns.

Multiple smaller improvements on usability with competencies

Including searching competencies, selecting them and also visualizing available options

Project progress graph got a facelift

Actual and future hours are now shown with bars instead of lines. Idea is that they no fill the available time together instead of just being one line among others.

More verbal way of choosing the visible areas on different views

This allows better indication of what the user is actual doing. In the older way user would only toggle the topics and this was not that very well understood feature.

Project manager has a new style

This clears the confusion about Project manager being a separate user type, which it is not. Project manager have their own priviliges for their own projects even when their baseline user type is Basic user.

Flow when both tentative and requests are used together

You may create resourcing requests from tentative allocations and they can be approved  straight from the project's dashboard. Projectrole with a pending request is highlighted with a leaflet icon.

January - 2019

New features

  • Brighter colors on allocations
  • Bundling action buttons
  • Resourcing requests
  • Project and people listings
  • Project progress numbers
  • System modules
  • Usability improvements
  • Bug fixes

Brighter colors on allocations and graphs